(v12) 17Mar’18
Please call me (Dennis Minister) on my cell re this lathe - 208-240-0874, or send me an email at denmin@gmail.com  I am asking $1500, but will negotiate on price.
The features of the lathe are as follows: NOVA DVR 3000 Wood Lathe by Teknatool  Swing 16 inches Distance between centers 62" (with 2 bed extensions) 1.75 hp DVR Motor 110V   (DVR - digital variable reluctance) Headstock swivels 360 degrees with stops at 0, 22, 45, and 90 degrees Spindle is 1 1/4 inch  8TPI Headstock and tailpiece have # 2 MT Also includes outboard toolrest system, heavy duty wooden stand with shelf that holds 300 lbs of sand, Spur center, live center, 3" faceplate and knockout bar, 2 - 12 " toolrests, and a curved bowl toolrest, and 2 bed extensions with stand that bring the distance between centers to 62 inches. Will include SuperNova 2 scroll chuck with 50mm jaws and screw center